Strike Force Game Management Bundle of the Month



Price: $79.99

Strike Force Game Management Bundle of the Month include the following:

- Timer Feeder Kit:

- 6 Volt Rechargeable Battery

- 6 Volt Feeder Solar Panel

- 6 Volt Battery Charger

Timer Feeder Kit: The Strike Force Programmable Timer Kit is easily programmable to dispense feed up to 6 times per day, and offers adjustable feed amounts for each feed cycle. The timer kit easily mounts to the bottom of any drum or bucket with feed funnel and all necessary hardware included. The rugged ABS housing, built in varmint guard and metal spin plate will handle any outdoor conditions for reliable service in the field and the unit operates on one 6-volt battery (Included).

6 Volt Rechargeable Battery:  The Strike Force 6 Volt 5 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Rechargeable Battery is compatible with any 6 volt deer feeder, and will provide maximum power in the field in any conditions. Recharge using the Strike Force 6 volt battery charger or solar panel accessory to keep your feeders running year round.

6 Volt Feeder Solar Panel: The Strike Force Solar Panel will keep your feeder battery completely charged year round. The solar panel easily mounts to the feeder leg bracket with a built in attachment bracket, and can be quickly adjusted to the perfect angle to collect the most sunlight. Solar panel lead easily connects to the feeder with a weatherproof – screw on power connector. Built in circuit protection prevents the 6-volt, high-power output solar panel from discharging the battery at night.

6 Volt Battery Charger: The Strike Force Battery Charger is a quick and easy way to fully charge your 6 volt lead acid feeder batteries. Perfect for deer feeder batteries, simply plug into any wall outlet and connect to your feeder batteries using the alligator clip connectors.