Photocell Feeder Kit



Price: $39.99

The Strike Force Photocell game feeder is the perfect way to feed game on your property.  Set up morning or evening feedings using our easy to use interface.  Easily adjust the light levels for morning and evening feedings, as well as control the amount of feed dispensed at each feeding.  The rugged ABS housing, built in varmint guard and metal spin plate will handle any outdoor conditions for reliable service in the field. Feed funnel and all hardware is included.

  • Photocell Activated Feeder

  • Adjustable Morning and Evening Feed Times

  • Pre Set to Feed at Dawn and Dusk

  • Ability to feed at Dawn or Dusk

  • Adjustable Feed Amounts

  • Mounts to the Bottom of any Drum or Bucket (not included)

  • Varmint cage and metal spin plate for long field life