Protein Gravity Feeder Kit



Price: $44.99

The new Protein Gravity Feeder Kit from Strike Force Outdoors is the perfect way to provide almost any protein pellet supplement or feed on demand to deer, turkey, and other game on your property. The Strike Force Protein Feeder Kit comes with 3 feed tubes that each have an adjustable feed gate to control the amount of feed dispensed. The Protein feeder will mount to the bottom of most any barrel, drum, or bucket, using the included mounting adaptor. This protein feeder will also mount easily to your Strike Force feed hopper using the Twist-Tight locking system.

  • Three Durably Constructed Feed Tubes

  • Adjustable Gate in Each Tube Controls Food Flow

  • Provides On-Demand Feed or Supplements to Wildlife

  • Easily Mounts to Most Any Drum, Barrel, or Bucket

  • Drum, Barrel, and/or Bucket Not Included in Kit